Wood Supplies

We receive trailer loads of kiln dried hardwood to meet our needs. We order hardwood blanks to our specific specification delivered approximately every 6 weeks. We maintain at least a 6 month supply at our site.

Molding Process

We pass all the kiln dried hardwood through our high-speed molder using custom made tooling to maintain specific size tolerances. Our goal is to maintain consistent sizing for our product.

Printing Process

We measure and print every gage stick to your individual requirements. The printing process ensures accurate calibration for your gage sticks. We can also imprint your company name, location and contact phone number on your gage sticks.


After your order is completed, we box the gage sticks in Double Wall Heavy Weight cartons. We do this to assure that you receive your order in good condition. We also mark all cartons as Top load and Fragile to alert the LTL Carriers to handle with care.